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Tennis Balls

Dunlop AO
4 Balls

$10 per can of 4

Subject to availability.

Dunlop Stage 1
Green 4 Balls

$10 per can of 4

Subject to availability.

Used AO
Tennis Balls

x30 = $35 or x50 = $50

Subject to availability.

(Ideal for kids or recreational players)

Wilson US OPEN
Orange 3 Balls

$8 per can of 3

Subject to availability.

Dunlop Stage 3
Red 12 Balls

$35 per 12 balls

Subject to availability.

Dunlop AO
18 Cans of 4 Balls


Subject to availability.

(Ideal for kids or recreational players)



$4 for 1
$10 for 3


$4.50 each



Please contact us at for more info. We will do our best to string your racquet within your desired time-frame.

BLTC Members get a discounted price on restrings based on your Membership level.


How to Know When It’s Time to Change Strings

Visual Indicators

Most advanced players will know it’s time to restring purely through feel, but there are a couple of visual things to look for.



When you make contact with the ball, your strings will rub together and produce friction, which causes the strings to notch.


If you look closely, you’ll see grooves form where the main and cross strings intersect. This will be more evident towards the upper middle of your racquet, which is hopefully the area you make contact with the ball most!


If you see that these notches are close to breaking the string, or even just getting quite deep, it is likely an excellent time to restring.



Natural gut and multifilament strings are composed of lots of tiny fibres that are intertwined. When they are freshly strung, they often have a coating on to protect them, but once this wears off, the fibres will start to fray.


This is a natural part of the wear for these types of strings, so some fraying is perfectly normal. Fraying can also be exacerbated by humidity and moisture.


However, beyond a certain point, the fraying will reduce the gauge of the string to the point it will break. So if you see fibres fraying at all angles and the string looks weakened, restringing is probably the right choice.

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